Shrimp Fry – In Indian Style

Shrimp fish also known as prawn is something for which I’m just crazy about. Prawn malaicurry, prawn curry and prawn with mustard are some of the bengali’s most favourite dishes. 

Today I tried something different with the shrimps. I was actually feeling very hungry and wanted to have some spicy and delicious evening snacks. I quickly browsed over the internet and got some simple evening snack recipe ideas. Along with those ideas, I added some of my innovative concepts and tried to make a new dish with the shrimps. Surprisingly the taste was simply awesome. And as usual, I love sharing the recipes with you all via my blog.

So here’s the entire process of cooking this simple yet spicy dish. Have a look –

Ingredients :

  • Shrimp fish or prawns (25 to 30 pieces)

  • 1 tsp turmeric powder

  • 1 tsp coriander powder

  • 1 tsp red chilli powder

  • 1 tsp ginger – garlic paste

  • 1 cup grated onions

  • Salt to taste

  • 2 grated chillies (optional)

  • Refined oil for frying


  • Devein and clean the shrimps. Marinate with all the stated spices for 5 to 10 minutes.

  • Take a non stick pan, heat the oil.

  • Once the oil is heated, put the grated onions and fry until they turn light brown.

  • Add the marinated shrimps and stir gently with the fried onions under medium flame.

  • Add the grated chillies (optional) and cook for further 10 to 12 minutes.

Note – You don’t need to add water because after sometime the shrimps will automatically start extracting water from the body.

  • Once the oil starts extracting, off the gas and give a standing time of 5 minutes.

  • Add lemon juice and serve hot with a glass of coke or hot coffee.

So this how I prepared the dish. Now it’s your turn, try it and if you have some more ideas of making the dish tastier then do share with us.


Macaroni in Cheesy White Sauce

Hello people! I’m sure you all are doing very well and enjoying life to the fullest. So, today I’m back with a recipe. I tried this dish for the first time and wanted to share the entire recipe with you all.

Though very commonly named, but still, as it’s my first try so I’m really excited about sharing the dish known as Macaroni in Cheesy White Sauce.

Things I used (Ingredients) :

For the cheesy white sauce –

  • 2.5 tsp butter

  • 2 tsp all purpose flour

  • 3 cups of milk

  • Grated cheese

  • Crushed black pepper (as preferred)

  • Chilli flakes (as preferred)

  • Salt to taste

For the cooking

  • Butter – 2 tsp

  • Macaroni 5 cups boiled

  • Chopped garlic – ½ tsp

  • Chopped onion – 2 tsp

  • Chopped capsicum – 1½ tsp

  • Chopped carrots – 1 ½ tsp

  • Salt to taste

  • Crushed black pepper


For making the sauce

  • Take a non-stick pan, heat it under low flame.  

  • Add butter. As soon as the butter starts melting, add all purpose flour into it. Mix gently.

  • Once it’s done, add milk step by step and make sure the ingredients have mixed properly.

  • Add salt, pepper and chilli flakes to the sauce, grated cheese and mix gently. There must be no lumps.

  • Once it gets thickened, remove the pan from the oven and keep it aside.

Note – The entire process must be done under low flame.

Pasta making process

  • Take another non-stick pan. Add butter and heat it under low flame

  • Once it’s done, add chopped garlic and onion. Cook it gently

  • Then one after one add capsicum, peas and carrots into it.

  • Cook for at least 5 to 8 minutes under medium flame.

  • Add the boiled Macaronis and mix well with the other ingredients gently.

  • When done, add the entire cheesy white sauce into it.

  • Make sure the entire sauce is completely mixed with the macaronis and other vegetables.

  • Add crushed pepper and salt according.

And the dish is all ready! Garnish it with some pepper, chilli flakes and grated cheese. Serve hot to your near and dear ones.

Don’t forget to share your experiences while making the dish with me too!!

Rev-Up Your Style With Ethnicity

India is a multi cultured country, each state has its own different cultures, ethics, tastes and styles. Being an Indian woman, I always choose to indulge ethnicity to my style statement. To be frank, I’m not so conscious or concerned about style and fashion, but whenever I get chance to enhance my look, I simply prefer to wrap myself with the beautiful ethnic wears.

Ethnic is a term that consists of many features. For instance an Anarkali kurti or a simple salwar suit and even a wedge shaded saree can turn your look into a classy one. Complimenting the look with accessories and jewelleries can add an extra “wow” factor to the overall look.

Coming to the jewelleries, there are varieties of costume and junk jewelleries that can compliment your ethnic look. These jewelleries are available everywhere in India. Taking from the highly expensive shops to the local markets, you can get these enhancing elements according to your desire. And thanks to the online shopping sites for providing people with any and every stylish jewelleries with just a single click.

I’d love to share some of my jewellery collections with you beautiful people out there.

Here I’ve worn a handloom saree (my all-time favourite attire) and complimented the look with a stylish bindi. I bought the neckpiece from a reputed costume jewellery store. The designing peacock necklace stole my attention and I quickly decided to buy it.

One day while I was browsing over the internet I came to know that these nose rings are in fashion nowadays. I quickly went to a local shop and purchased these two pieces. They are uniquely designed. And the most amazing part is that they can be worn with both indian as well as western wears. Thus, whether it’s about going to office, having a date with boyfriend, roaming with friends or any other occasions like wedding or puja… these false nose pins can really spruce up your look.

And this represents a beautiful way to complete the entire ethnic look. Earrings are something that can never be missed to wear. Varieties of earrings are available in the market of every locality for daily wears. Here I’ve worn a heavy oxidised kanbala which I bought from a reputed shop. These kinds of designs can be found everywhere.

Here are some more junk, handcrafted and oxidised jewelry collections that I’d love to share 😊

One of my well-wishers once told me that “beautify yourself as much as you can” because looking beautiful is one of the ways to boost up your mood. The more you can enhance your look, the more you can increase your inner happiness. Instead of getting compliment from other, learn to compliment yourself, because you know that you are beautiful!!

Never Lose Your Dignity & Self-Respect For The Sake Of Others

Never Lose Your Dignity & Self-Respect For The Sake Of Others

Compromising certain things for living a happy life is definitely a wise decision, but sacrificing everything with the word “compromise” is not at all good. You have got a beautiful life, and the most important thing is to live your life according to your choice. Loving people, spending time with them is always an important part of one’s life. But it is far better to move on from a relationship that doesn’t grow you, serves you or makes you happy anymore.

There are a lot of people who lose their dignity and self-respect just to make others happy. But at the end of the day, they lose their confidence as well. And a low confidence person can never become successful in life.

Unknowingly, at a certain point of time, we all compromise with our dignity and self-respect without any realization. However, such practices are highly insupportable. For instance, when we start planning our day around the activities and undertakings of another person, trying to impress that person, we are losing dignity. When we start to transform just to make the other person happy, we are actually undervaluing us! This may sound weird or harsh, but in actual, this is the ultimate truth.

At certain stages, we all need to take some tough decisions, be it personal or professional; we should always keep in mind about our value as well as dignity. We must not compromise our self-respect while taking the decisions.

There are many people who will criticize this kind of thinking; they even can address it as selfishness as well. But they will never understand how worth actually you are. Never forget that it’s you who only have the ability to handle stress and deal with useless creatures accordingly. So never underestimate your values, ethics, self-respect and most importantly the dignity for the sake of others. If you keep on compromising your dignity then deep inside you are actually punching your inner confidence.

I feel proud that I’ve regained the self-respect and dignity that once I sacrificed for a useless person. According to my personal experience, I can strongly say that never ever compromise your value. Because if a person really loves you, then there will be no question of compromising anything, instead you will automatically be showered with a happy life!


The Ultimate Ways to Keep Yourself Happy Throughout

Living a happy life has become one of the most challenging tasks for every individual. Work pressure, competition, unhealthy lifestyle, unhappy relationship are some of the major reasons behind people’s unhappiness and frustration. Some people prefer to hide their pain whereas some focus too much on it. To be very frank, no person on the entire universe is fully satisfied and happy with their life. However, it is certainly not possible to shoo away all the bad and terrific experiences from life, but it is always possible not to take them as a beast of burden ever. Life is a beautiful journey. We must not spoil it for unnecessary things, instead we should know how to celebrate this precious gift that God has given to all of us. There are numerous small things that can rapidly change our mood and generate our inner happiness. For instance the innocent smile of a child can make our day the most beautiful one… isn’t it?

Stated below are certain simple yet unique ways which can be followed to lead a happy and joyous life.

  • Do anything and everything that makes you happy 

This is the first and foremost way of living a positive life. Previously I used to think a lot about other people’s suggestions and advices. But at the end of the day I realised that none has that ability to decide and find my happiness. Thus it’s your life, do whatever you love to do. Try not to involve yourself into an unhealthy lifestyle, because unhealthy lifestyle including smoking, drinking and partying can only give you temporary happiness. Ensure to surround yourself with positive and refreshing atmosphere.

  • Focus on your hobbies

Every person is blessed with certain creativities. Some can sing nicely, some can paint excellently, whereas some can dance beautifully and so on. Try to find out your hobby. For instance if you are good at singing, then make yourself busy with the activity. You can easily understand that no negative thought can ever bring you down if you keep yourself busy with the activities. Instead you will automatically have a positive attitude towards your life, and you will simply start to love it again.

  • Spend your time with natural

According to my personal experience, I can say that spending quality time with nature can mysteriously boost up your mood. Nature is something that can provide peace to our soul and mind. Have a walk around your garden area. Indulge yourself into the beautiful floral essences and greeneries. Enjoy the freshness of nature as much as you can.

  • Be thankful

None of us are satisfied with our lives. We want more and more amount of comfort, luxury and peace. But it is always advisable to be thankful for whatever you have in your life. You are lucky enough because you have been blessed with such a beautiful life! Make use of it and try to find happiness in every simple thing. Who knows maybe some people desires a lifestyle just like you maintain or even some get jealous of it too. So start pride yourself, be thankful for whatever you have achieved in your life.

  • Shoo away toxic people

It is true that there are lot of people who simply love to irritate you and try their level best to make you unhappy. If you ever find such person then never allow them to ruin your life. Simply kick them away. Because unhappy, unsuccessful and complexed minded people can never appreciate anything in life. They prefer to live a negative life and want others to follow the same rule as well.

All the aforementioned suggestions are comparatively easy as well as simple, and every people who are in search of living a happy life can follow them throughout.

If you have more suggestions on the topic, then do share them with all of us. To know more about my thoughts, reflections, stay tuned for the upcoming posts.

The Letter of a Betrayed Wife

Dear Self,

I know you are not OK… and it’s perfectly alright not to be OK sometimes. But do you know how strong you are? You have the ability to fight with the storm. Did you ever thought that you could be able to handle the situation in this manner? But you did. 

I know you cry every night, not for that person, but for yourself, for your parents. They were so excited about your marriage, they gave their everything to organise a grand wedding only for you. They thought they found a son, they loved him more than a son. But they were never worth of experiencing such level of disrespect especially from that heartless person. You held yourself responsible for everything. So many people are celebrating their marriage anniversary, people are getting married as well.Deep inside somewhere you are upset and it’s natural because you are a human. It’s more natural because just a year back, today all your marriage preparations were almost over and you were counting the days of your wedding day. You were excited and so were your near ones.

You thought 3rd February, 2017 will change your life and you will be addressed as one of the happiest couples. Yes that day changed your life, but not as you thought! The person whom you made your world simply betrayed you. One day you discovered the truth. You were shattered, you did not had any clue what to do, because it was your first terrible experience. You pleaded him, requested him and even warned him regarding the matter. But he was least bothered and continued his affair. You were becoming an irritating person to that man whom you loved unconditionally, believed blindly. The second chance didn’t worked. You realised that you were never been actually loved by that man. He didn’t gave you the respect that you deserved. He was simply betraying you throughout. He simply made fake promises. He acted as an irresponsible man who didn’t know how to treat a wife. Instead he was more tend to spend his time with another married woman having a 7 years old boy! He started meeting her. He started to fix his Sunday programs with her instead of giving you time. You failed to realise what actually “a newly married couple” means. Because he never made you realise what actually a happily married life is all about!

You left him, you rejected him immediately. It’s not that easy to return and live a normal life after breaking up the marriage because you are an Indian woman who belong from an upper middle class family. But you decided to live your own life, with respect, with happiness and with peace. People will sympathise you, may be they will wisphere behind your back as well. But remember they can never feel the situation and the pain that you have went through.

You have full right to live your life. That person was never of your standard. Love is a beautiful feeling. But you wasted it on a wrong person unknowingly. Now you are free from that nightmare. Yes it’s never an easy task to forget those horrible 274 days. The days can never be erased from your life. But remember you are beautiful from heart and most importantly you are educated. You know how to live your life. Time heals everything, but the harsh truth is that time don’t have the ability to erase those days.

It’s time to focus more on your happiness. Start to pride yourself, because you are worth it.



Gokul Pithe – The Simplest Recipe


Though Makar Sankranti is over, but the winter essence is still alive. And if you want to enjoy the season to the fullest, then celebrating it with some more seasonal desserts is definitely a must! Jaggery, also known as khejur gur is specially available during the winter season. This natural sweetening element has been used for years to make many lip smacking desserts. Gokul Pithe is one such dessert that you can prepare by using the seasonal jaggery.

I’m going to share the entire cooking procedure of Gokul Pithe. As I always suggest, do organize and keep all the ingredients before you start to prepare the sweet dish for your loved ones.


For staffing

  • 4 cups grated coconut
  • 200gm Khoya Kheer
  • 3 cups jaggery (slightly melted)
  • Dry fruits according to preference
  • 1 tsp Cardamom Powder


  • ½ cup Semolina
  • 2 cups flour
  • Milk – as required to make the batter thick


  • 2/3 cups Sugar
  • 11/3 cups Water
  • 2 tsp Jaggery

Refined Oil as required for deep fry.


  • Batter – Prepare the batter by mixing semolina, flour and milk. Don’t pour the milk at once in order to avoid inconsistency. Make sure there is no bubble presented in the batter. Check its thickness, when done keep it aside for about 30 to 45 minutes.
  • Staffing – This step includes the same procedure of making the staffing of Patishapta. Take a non-stick pan; roast the grated coconut, khoya kheer, cardamom powder, jaggery and dry fruits under medium flame. Stir the mixture constantly. After sometimes you will find the mixture is becoming sticky. Turn the gas off and keep it aside.
  • Syrup – Take a sauce pan; pour water, sugar, jaggery. Let it boil for 10 minutes. Turn off the gas.

Heat the oil. Take the coconut mixture, and make small oval shaped balls with it. Coat the oval shaped coconut balls with the prepared batter by dipping them into it. Deep fry the balls until they turn brown.

Drain the excess oil and put the fried balls into the warm syrup and give a standing time of about half an hour before serving


And your Gokul Pithe is ready. Enjoy this mouthwatering dessert with your loved ones and make the winter evenings a memorable one!

Don’t forget to share your feedback with me as well. Stay tuned for such interesting posts…!! 🙂